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Puppy Groom!

Taking your puppy’s first steps into a grooming salon can seem like a grand new journey for your little friend. That’s the inspiration behind my Puppy Groom service, built to be a gentle introduction to the rewarding experience of grooming.

We’re all about turning this into a positive and engaging process, setting a solid foundation for a lifetime of healthy grooming habits.

These grooms are broken into three paw-sized sessions, although can be one if you prefer:

Session 1: “Bath and Brush Introduction

In this opening chapter, your pup will be introduced to the gentle world of bathing and brushing, topped off with a kind drying session. A soft start for their grooming story!

Session 2: “Face and Paws”

Building on the first session, we now introduce the nuanced step of trimming around the face and nails. This ensures your pup is comfortable while looking neat and tidy.

Session 3: “Full Groom Finale”

Incorporating all the previous elements, this is where your pup experiences a complete groom. Leaving the salon looking their best, they’ll be ready to show off their new and improved look!

Please get in touch for prizes as so dependent on your requirements and your puppy.