A message from Danny!

Hello, my name is Danny, the proud owner of All Fur Coat Dog Groomers Loughton! If you are local to Loughton you might well have seen me walking my dogs Gloria and Dolly.

I am not only am I the face behind the brand, but I am also the hands that care for your beloved furry friend, carrying out all the grooming personally. I have a genuine passion for all animals, with dogs holding a particularly special place in my heart. When time allows you can find me volunteering at my local dog rescue, walking the dogs.

I have experience working with a diverse range of breeds, from the petite Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzus and Chihuahuas to the medium-sized Cockapoo to Tibettan Terrors and not forgetting short-haired breeds like Pugs and Jack Russels, and everything in between.

Each breed has its unique charm and specific grooming needs, and I’m well-versed in catering to all their grooming requirements and personalities.

I am fully qualified with an OCN Level 3 in dog grooming, which means I know what I am doing and have a high level of expertise and knowledge in the field. I have also undertaken comprehensive first-aid training, ensuring your pet’s safety and well-being are in capable and professional hands. All certificates are available upon request.

At All Fur Coat Dog Groomers, we believe in offering a comprehensive service. Not only are we fully insured, but our insurance also extends to our pick-up and drop-off service. Whether we’re transporting your furry friend on foot or by car, we ensure their safety is never compromised.

Our ultimate aim is to provide a stress-free grooming experience for you and your pet. We are committed to delivering services that not only enhance your dog’s physical appearance but also contribute to their overall health and happiness. Whilst being convenient for you and working around your life.

I Look forward to meeting you and your canine companion soon at All Fur Coat, Loughton Dog Groomers!

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