Frequently Asked Questions!

Here we have a selection of commonly asked questions, if you have any others get in touch.

What type of dog grooming service do you offer?

We offer a one-on-one dog grooming service, this is very different to the type of groom you might have experienced in busy salons with multiple dogs and groomers. This creates a much less stressful environment for your dog to be groomed. See our Services page for a complete list.

How much is a dog groom?

Dog grooms depend on the size of your dog and what services you would like, for an idea of our prices check out the services section and see the starting price. Alternatively, just get in touch and we are more than happy to give you a price.

Does your groom include a wash?

Yes! All our grooms start with a wash, shampoo and coat conditioning to suit your dog. We have a wide range of shampoos from purple to help bring out the shine of a white coat, avocado to deep cleanse, for those dogs that love to roll in mud or jump in ponds and oatmeal for dogs with sensitive skin.

Do you offer a collection and drop-off service?

Yes! We do and are fully insured to do so, there is a small additional charge depending on your location, depending on how far you are from our salon in Kenilworth Gardens, Loughton, Essex.

Do you offer weekend and evening appointments?

Yes, we understand how busy and stressful life can be – let alone trying to find a dog grooming appointment that fits around your already hectic life. To help we offer a few evening appointments a week and Saturday or Sunday mornings. However these book up fast so make sure you book in advance if you require one.

Do you take card payments?

Yes, we do! Any Visa, MasterCard and even American Express. We want to make it as easy as possible and take all card types as well as Apple Pay payments. We still take cash if you would prefer that too. 

Can I see your salon?

Of course, we are home based in our purpose-setup salon on Kenilworth Gardens in Loughton Essex. You are more than welcome to come in and see the relaxing environment we have created for your dog to be groomed in.

What is deshedding?

Deshedding is a crucial part of dog grooming, especially for breeds with heavy coats. It’s a process that eliminates loose, excess fur from the undercoat, reducing shedding and promoting healthier skin. Deshedding is done using specific tools that reach the undercoat without harming the top coat. Regular deshedding helps manage pet hair in your home, keeps your dog comfortable, and allows for easier spotting of skin issues, leading to an overall improvement in your dog’s well-being. Read more on our Deshedding Service page.

Do you use drying cages or crates?

No, never! Everything we do has been chosen to create a relaxing environment and service for your dog – we would never use a drying cage or crate, instead, we use a special hair blower that we specifically selected because it is quieter than a lot on the market.

What age should a dog be groomed?

It’s best practice that a puppy has their first puppy groom from 12 weeks and after their first vaccinations. Although it is really up to you, it is great for a dog to get used to the salon environment from an early age, so a puppy groom is a great way to start.

Why is dog grooming important?

Dog grooming is absolutely pawsome for our furry friends! Not only does it keep them looking dapper and stylish, but it’s also vital for their overall health and well-being, as The Kennel Club themselves say. Regular grooming helps prevent those pesky tangles and mats, keeps their coat clean and shiny, and gets rid of dirt and debris. It’s like a luxurious spa day for your pup! Plus, grooming sessions allow us to check for any hidden issues like fleas or skin irritations. So let’s pamper your pooch and keep them wagging their tails with joy!

Is Dog Grooming Stressful for Dogs?

Grooming can be yes, however when I established All Fur Coat Dog Grooming, I purposefully decided to create a low-stress environment where dogs are more likely to relax and enjoy. Carefully choosing all my equipment and shampoos to aid with relaxation and make it an enjoyable experience for your dog. Another great thing about my 1-on-1 service is we can take breaks and go at your dog’s speed. This is very different when compared to busy and sometimes hectic high streets or chain salons. 

If your dog is reactive and does not like a groom please do advise us when booking so I am sure to make accommodations if required.